All Natural Incense

Do you adore the smoky, sensual mystique of incense, but hate the headache?  Then you will [LOVE] our line of all-natural, essential oil based, air-purifying incense, handmade for us by Sea Witch Botanicals.

Every sticks is handcrafted for quality - without any chemical preservatives or synthetic fragrances, and made with bamboo-derived activated charcoal that cleans the air as it burns by pulling impurities and germs out of the air.  Each small batch is hand-dipped in in their exclusive, essential oil aroma profiles, and each stick is hand-painted with its signature color for easy identification.  

Unlike most incense blends, these contain only pure essential oils. Synthetic petroleum-based fragrances are NEVER used - they fill your home with airborne phthalates and parabens. Those endocrine disruptors can damage our body's natural hormone levels, causing all sorts of short- and long-term issues. Yuck!

High-quality incense using pure essential oils burn slowly and can be used for ritual, ceremony, daily cleansing, as well as, adding ambience to the home.  They are spiritually + physically uplifting and perfect for people who don't usually like incense.

  • Earth: Hermitage
  • Air: Herbal Renewal
  • Fire: Quoth the Raven
  • Water: The White Lodge
  • Spirit: Green Fairy (Absinthe)

Eco-Friendly - Small Batch - Hand Dipped - Natural Ingredients - Essential Oils -Woman Owned - Made is USA - Not on Amazon