The beauty of Bode+Ev's BE.CANDLES is their imperfections, so please don’t be turned off if the top layer is a little rough around the edges or if frosting has occurred. 

Our eco-friendly scented candles are 100% soy-wax + coconut oil, hand poured in small batches + fill your home with unforgettable, clean fragrance. 

Not all fragrance oils are created equal, but we have scouted out some of the very best for our line.  Bode+Ev’s fragrance oils are very clean + have been extensively tested and rated as being an [EXCELLENT] performer in soy wax candles.  This rating indicates which fragrances throw well in soy, a wax that is historically one of the more difficult to fragrance.

All oils used are of the highest quality fragrances that are free of toxins and questionable ingredients + most are a combination of natural essential oils and synthetic aroma chemicals. They are never diluted, so each has a strong concentrated aroma that doesn't disappear when burned in a candle.

The cool slow burn of soy allows for much longer burn times: 10oz [70+hrs.] 16oz [120+ hrs.]  


  • The natural oils of the soy wax + coconut oil, blended with the fragrance oil make for a great moisturizer!!! Burn until you have a pool of melted wax, blow out + dip. You only need a little bit to be moisturized + smell amazing!
  • We now have a [LOCAL EXCHANGE] program to re-purpose used containers with new candles at a reduced price.

Vegan - Cruelty Free - Handmade - Women Owned - Small Batch - Eco-Friendly - Not on Amazon - Supports American Farmers