Crystal Bath Bombs

These organic Crystal Bath Bomb are handmade by a small business husband-and-wife team, out of New Hampshire, who have a passion for natural healing.

Their passion has fueled their company to allow them to provide different ways for people to incorporate healing into their lives.  As a crystal healer with a passion for feeling the energy from each crystal on an individual level and ensures all the crystals are sustainably sourced.

Bode+Ev is excited to carry these amazingly gorgeous bath bombs. Each 3.5-inch handmade bath bomb are made in small batches and are eco-friendly.  They are made with all organic ingredients and never use dyes, only natural colors (the red is beet powder). Each bomb contains a random raw gemstone and organic herbs.

Organic - Sustainable - Palm Free - Handmade - Eco-Friendly - Organic - Small Batch - Women Owned - Made in the USA - Not on Amazon