Our all natural soy wax candles have just a touch of coconut oil which helps to increase hot scent throw + gives our candles a creamy smooth finish.  

There are so many types of notes that would describe EARTHY think wood,  dirt, grass, herbs + moss just to name a few.  MASCULINE is usually a fragrance with a woody, green, spice or smokey scent, with emphasis on the base notes. The perfect romantic fragrance would be something that compliments your personality, a few SULTRY notes to consider would include benzoin, vanilla, musk, amber, spicy saffron + musky as all of these fragrances have been know to be the aphrodisiac of our world. 

Not only do we have a very UNIQUE scent selection, we use CLEAN scents. By clean we mean the safest, highest quality + most thoroughly tested in the industry and rated as being an [EXCELLENT] performer in soy wax candles, so you can have peace of mind while burning in your home, around your families + in your businesses.

Please Note: All of our fragrance oils are a combination of natural essential oils and synthetic aroma chemicals. They are never diluted, so each has a strong concentrated aroma that doesn't disappear when burned in a candle.  They are free from carcinogens, toxins, and other hazardous chemicals commonly found in fragrance oils. Our entire line of fragrance oils are non-toxic when used for their intended purpose and in approved percentages.

Vegan - Cruelty Free - Handmade - Women Owned - Small Batch - Eco-Friendly - Not on Amazon - Supports American Farmers