My Story

When the whole world stopped, my whole world was just about to begin!  My sole focus, and greatest opportunity was to turn my candle making hobby into a candle making business.  I had no idea where it was going to go but it was my only option, so I jumped in with both feet + fingers crossed. 

I am a single mom of 2 and lost my salary-based job due to the pandemic - that left me asking myself, what is my passion and how can I support my children? As scary as this was at the time, in a weird way it felt like it was the path I was meant to walk on. With no time to waste, I quickly pivoted, adapted to doing what I value and love + got back to work! 

The inspiration behind my branding came from what I cherish most, my two children, Boden + Eviana.  “BE” was derived from the first letter of each one of their names and my birds represent each of them!   After 20+ years of making candles, for fun, they have now brought on a whole new meaning and new life for me + my family.  All BE.CANDLES are all natural soy wax + coconut oil and housed in 100% recycled glass containers with an all-cotton wick.  All oils used are of the highest quality, clean + free from toxins and questionable ingredients! These beauties are completely environment friendly, all natural, cruelty free, vegan + fill your home with unforgettable, clean fragrance.

Shortly after BE.CANDLES was launched, I just had to keep going!  My love of nature, pampering products and the environment, blended with my creative vision, passion and dream, had all inspired me to expand with an all-natural + organic custom scented bath + body. Slowly my face, hair and bath + body collections were introduced and ultimately BODE+EV was born.  After extensive research I found an incredible lab where all Bode+Ev products that are created by Certified Cosmetic Formulators + Licensed Aestheticians using formulations that all consist of high quality, sustainably sourced natural + organic ingredients. All are Eco-Friendly - Leaping Bunny Certified [Cruelty Free] - Not on Amazon and most importantly, made in the USA.

My birds not only represent my children, they also have a powerful symbolism of peace, transformation, freedom + power.  They are an inspiration to aim higher and reach our goals + dreams despite the obstacles we may face along the way. For years I have been chasing my dreams and now I feel like I am living them! 

What an amazing journey it has been thus far, I cannot wait to see where it takes me. And to think it all started with an open mind, the loss of my job and a candle! - Tracey