Crystal Bath Bombs

Bentonite + Magnesium Detox

Bentonite + Magnesium Detox bomb is great for those needed to detox their body, made with Betonite clay which draws out toxins and Magnesium

Calendula Lemon

Calendula and Lemon energizes and uplifts you, great for those who are stressed.

Earth Mother

Earth Mother Bath bomb is a walk in the woods, scented with cedar and a splash of patchouli and adorned with fresh Cedar and Calendula

Four Thieves

Turn your bathroom into a healing sanctuary! This popular blend of oils is antibacterial, antiviral, and antifungal. Great for a variety of issues.

Lavender Rose

Lavender Rose blend is our most popular, it is rose-scented and adorned with dried lavender and rose petals!

Red Clover with Juniper Geranium

Red Clover has many benefits but is especially useful for those experiencing PMS or menopause symptoms. It has been utilized in baths for many years due to its potent healing benefits. It is a great herb to use if you experience eczema or psoriasis!