Green Pond Holiday Edition

Christmas Memories

Inspired by the popular Christmas tree, Christmas Memories has mild citrus top notes, earthy undercurrents, and a woody, fir balsam core that makes you think “Christmastime.” Cozy + comforting, this nostalgic scent is perfect for setting a festive holiday mood or creating the right ambience for a quiet winter evening by the fire. This fragrance is infused with natural essential oils, including fir balsam. Top notes of Lemon Peel, Cypress Middle: Evergreen, Cedar Base: Fir, Amber, Moss 

New Years Eve

Bring on 2022!!!  New Year's Eve is a custom blend and one of the sexiest fragrance oils we have. Base notes of white carnation and blood orange are the perfect foil for heart notes of sandalwood, black rose, smoky wood, and a kiss of patchouli. The top notes give a hint of toasted vanilla bean and whiffs of vetiver, amber, and the tiniest touch of Egyptian musk for a smoky, sexy finish.  Just like that Little Black dress, we all wish we could fit into as we welcome the new year, this is a big hit with the husbands and boyfriends!  It just screams strappy sandals + slinky dress! 

Holiday Mornings

Holiday Mornings is a chocolatey delight for your senses. This signature drink fragrance blends decadent chocolate and peppermint into an irresistible treat. Notes of peppermint and a hint of coconut milk blend with rich chocolate + creamy vanilla. 

This fragrance oil is infused with natural essential oils, including wild mint.  Top notes of Coconut Milk Middle: Peppermint Base: Chocolate, Vanilla 

Winter Woods

What a fantastic way to welcome the Christmas holiday, just like a brisk walk through the Winter Woods! Tart cranberry + red currant, herbaceous green leaves + black currant combined with natural essential oils of fir, cinnamon, patchouli + orange then topped off with pine + vanilla. Top notes of: Cranberry, Red Currant, Cinnamon Middle: Green Leaves, Black Currant. Base: Pine, Fir, Vanilla