Date Night - Gardenia + Lavender

Date Night - Gardenia + Lavender

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This dreamy combination begins with top notes of gardenia and lemon peel as it gives way to the blossoming heart of tuberose, jasmine, green florals and blended with classic lavender.  A soft powdery finish gives depth to this earthy floral that stays true to these classic, beautiful flowers. 

CITRINE encourages warmth + joy! The energy that seems to follow Citrine is a reminder that love can be a gloriously happy place. For those who sometimes feel like all is lost in the world of love, this radiant stone is here to let you bask inf the warmth once more

This fragrance adds a delicate beauty to any of our natural + organic soaps, bath + body oil and other bath and body care products.

This fragrance oil is infused with natural essential oils, including eucalyptus, cedarwood, lavandin, clove bud, Cananga flower, pine, spike lavender, Cedrus atlantica, Nootka tree, ginger, sweet orange

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