SCORPIO: The Scorpion - October 23 - November 21
SCORPIO: The Scorpion - October 23 - November 21


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SCORPIO: The Scorpion - October 23 - November 21

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Scorpios signature scent should reflect their known qualities of intensity, passion, and deep emotions because they tend to like their fragrances to be just as passionate, sensual, exotic and mysterious as they are.  We created a this complex yet captivating soy wax candle infused with Spicy saffron to resonate their fiery spirit, Earthy cedar, dark musk and amber to capture their deep connection to the earth and appeal to their grounded and mysterious side and complex florals of jasmine and white tea to appeal to the romantic and seductive nature of Scorpio. 

    SODALITE is a blue + beautiful peaceful stone that support Scorpio’s deep thinking and helps them tap into their intuition. This Scorpio crystal turns charged emotions into rational thoughts, helping to soothe and balance. It replaces fear with peace and helps them understand who they are in a deeper way. 

    How to use: Place on the window sill in your bedroom or bathroom, and crack the window while you get ready in the morning. Let it carry any self-doubt or insecurities out the window. 

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