"I am so obsessed with this lotion (BE.ECO-CHIC) I just ordered some for my cousin Sally in DC" ~ Chase Andrews

"...I love your candles more than a person should reasonably love a candle" ~ Carolyn Ashworth

"Conditioner is AMAZING! As soon as I put it in I couldn't believe how silky soft my hair felt! Instantly. The real test was the blow dry. I wondered if my hair would be flat. NOPE! Hair is still really full and so smooth...Winner winner!" ~ Barbie Higgins

“I freaking love the goat milk lotion!” ~ Tiffany Harran

“I just want you to know I did not take any B+E products with me away this weekend simply because my toiletry bag is always full since I travel so much. I. MISS. THEM. SO. MUCH!!! I used everything last night and the difference is OMG!!! I smell so good. My hair and skin are soft. It felt so good. AND slept like a baby!!! NEVER. AGAIN!!! I’m going to have to travel with them from now on.” ~ Brooke Drennen Anglin

“My family is fighting over your candles! Can I order more? I love Ancient Waters…” ~ Jennifer Morrow

“I love the serum and ECO.CHIC lotion! And I need more of the salt scrub, my girls stole them! We are your biggest fans…I LOVE it all! No joke…I’m in LOVE! The scent lasts for hours." ~ Katherine Brown

“Thank you again! Getting some out to my team next week. Allowed my son to have one and he is in love.” ~ Meredith Partee Rariden

“I am loving this Rice Flower & Shea lotion, been getting lots of compliments. I definitely want a candle of the same.” ~ Bobby Bamman

“My entire house smells dreamy… I LOVE IT!!!” ~ Alyson Skarbek Corey

“We LOVE our Butt Naked candle!!! Thank you!! I also love my face products! They feel so good” ~ Cindee Murray