ZODIAC Collection

My daughter and I created this collection, which holds great significance for me. We began by researching the scents associated with each astrological sign. Then, we carefully selected these scents from our shelves and crafted all of these aromatic unique blends. Each candle is topped with a raw crystal that aligns with the characteristics of each sign. Once the wax begins to melt and soften, it's time to remove the crystal and rinse it with warm water.

All of our candles are hand poured, using the finest soy wax, a 100% natural and biodegradable choice, illuminate your space sustainably with candles that offer a clean, safe + slow burn, with our natural braided cotton wicks and housed in our 10oz eco-friendly vessels crafted from 100% recycled glass.

Our captivating fragrances are meticulously crafted blends of fragrance + natural essential oils, free of carcinogens, toxins, and hazardous chemicals linger in both cold and hot throws. They are the safest, highest quality + most thoroughly tested in the industry and are never diluted, so each candle has a strong concentrated aroma tat doesn't disappear when burned. A true testament to our commitment to consistency + quality of each and every candle we pour to ensure a worry-free ambiance for your business, home, and family.

80+ hours of burn time - Free of phthalates, gluten, alcohol, dyes + irritants - Non-GMO, Cruelty free + Vegan 

Candle Care + Safety Tips

RAW CRYSTALS that have been cleansed under a full moon and inserted to each candle for decoration only. These are natural raw crystals that will not burn!  Before lighting your candle cut the curl, trim the wick to 1/4 inch, light your candle.  When you have a nice melted pool of wax across the top of the candle, blow it out and remove.  Rub rocks under warm water, wipe down to remove wax + enjoy all of their benefits. Relight your candle if desired.