1) What types of candles do you offer? All of my candles are hand poured in small batches using 100% soy wax with a touch of coconut oil. I use a cotton wick, super clean oils free of toxins, carcinogens and harmful chemicals and all my glass is 100% recycled glass.

2) Are your candles made from natural or synthetic materials? I use all-natural soy wax, a cotton wick, a fragrance / essential oil blend that is free of toxins, carcinogens or any harmful chemicals and all glass is 100% recycled.

3) Do you carry any scented candles, and what scents are available? I have around 50 different scents in 3 categories: Clean + Airy + Spa, Fruity + Floral + Sweet and Woody + Earthy + Masculine. They have a reputation for being strong but not overwhelming which comes from the cleanliness of all the ingredients, however, the scent throws will vary in strength as they are dependent on the nature of the oil.

5) I love the way you curly your wick, do you need to cut it? YES! You absolutely need to CUT THE CURL before you light your candle. Your wick should always be trimmed to 1/4 inch before you light your candle and throughout the life of it.  Read more about candle care + safety tips

6) How long do your candles last? Soy wax is cool so it burns slow and with the addition of coconut oil it extends that burn time even further to 80-90 hours for all of our 10oz candles if burned properly.

7) What happens if I don't cut the curl? If you don't cut the curl to 1/4 inch the flame will be too high. Not only is that a safety issue, the heat will be too hot and burn off the fragrance, therefore will not have any scent throw and will ruin the candle. If you cut your wick too low it won't burn hot enough to create a full melt pool to generate enough heat for the scent throw.

8) Do you offer any eco-friendly or sustainable candles? YES! All of our ingredients are natural, and the glass candles are housed in 100% recycled glass that can be reused for many things once the candle is finished: Drinkware, vase, for cotton balls or q tips, a pen / pencil holder, a succulent planter, the list goes on

9) Do you offer any candles with essential oils? I use a fragrance / essential oil blend, I do not have any with straight essential oils.

10) Do you offer custom candle scents or colors?  I do have many custom scents; however, I do not add dyes of any kind to my candles.

11) Do you offer personalized candles for gifts or corporate events? Yes! We create personalized candles for personal events such as weddings, or a big celebration to corporate events such as client appreciation gift, closing gifts or scent branding, we do require a minimum order.  

12) Can I create my own candle scent combination for my business or a special occasion?  Yes! You can create your own signature scent by smelling all of our oils, picking a few of your favorites then mixing and matching using blotting strips until you find the blend that you love.  If you have a particular scent that you love, whether it's a candle, oil or perfume that you want to replicate and looking to order in bulk, we can make that happen to the exact scent you are looking for.  We use an offsite company for that, and we would need a small sample. 

13) Do you have any seasonal or holiday-themed candles? Yes! We have a nice variety of scents for each season

14) Can I purchase gift cards from your store? Yes! Gift Cards are available for sale on our website

15) Do you have bulk or wholesale pricing? YES! We offer both and would love for you to carry Bode+Ev in your shop! 

16) What is the difference between bulk and wholesale?  Bulk pricing is discounted pricing for larger orders not for resale.  Wholesale pricing is designed towards retail shops who want to sell our products in their shop and are typically tax exempt 

17)  Do you offer a referral program for new + existing partners? Yes! We are all about supporting each other! When you become a partner with us, we add your company name, address and a link to your website to our website and promote you on our social media accounts. In return we ask that you so the same for us and we incentivize you for doing so.  For every referral that becomes a new client, when you promote us on your social media accounts, and / or leave us a google review we offer a credit for each that will go towards your next order.

18) Do you host candle making workshops? Yes, however, I only book MOBILE candle making workshops which means you plan it and I come to your home or office with a 10-person minimum.  I bring all candle making supplies and offer instruction, all you and your guests need to do is show up ready to create. My workshops are about 2 hours and are very interactive which is great for team building, a neighborhood social, birthday + holiday parties, corporate events, the list goes on.    

19)  My favorite candle container is now sitting empty; do you do refills? YES! We can refill almost any container size which the scent of your choice and pay by the ounce.  To find your new scent you can either visit my shared space at the Painted Tree I2 to smell the candles that are there or you can visit our website and select one on there.  Leave your candle container(s) with the front desk and with your first and last name, phone number, email and preferred scent(s) and I will invoice you then let you know when they are ready for pick up.

20)  Are your candles safe to burn around my pets and small children?  Yes!  Safety is our number one priority!  All of our candles are made in house with kids, pets and elderly parents for over 25 years. I can assure you that every single one of our candles is safe to burn in your environment whether it be at your home or office,

21) Do you have wax melts? Yes, we do!  They are made with a Soy + Bees Wax blend for use with an electric warmer which is great for your office and for homes with curious pets and toddlers.

22) Do you ship? Yes, we ship all over the United States with complementary shipping on all order $100+

23) Do you have a storefront?  I do not have a storefront, but I do have a shared space at the Painted Tree in Roswell I2 and some of our candles can be found at A Peach of a Party and Two Funky Hippies both located in Roswell.

24) Do you offer any discounts? Yes, we have several: Candles: Buy 4 get one more FREE, Bundles: we offer a small discount on our bundles. All-Natural Bath + Body + Home Essentials: Receive 10% when you purchase 3 or more of our all-natural bath, body + home essentials.