Candle Refills


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Candle Refills

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Any vessel that can be made into a fragrant soy wax candle is such a great way to REDUCE WASTE and turn something old + dusty into something new + beautiful!

With just a few simple steps we would love to do that for you:

  • Choose the size of your vessel
  • Ship* to us or drop off your empty vessels with a printed copy of your order form in the bag or box - select delivery method at checkout
  • Select the scent(s) and write in the notes box - For local refills feel free to choose your scent on drop off after smelling everything we have in our shop and write down on your order form.
  • We will ship or drop off your refilled candles when they are ready

*Shipping location: Bode+Ev 4651 Woodstock Rd Roswell GA 30075 


Visit our candle pages for the fragrance you would like and write it in the notes box.


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