About Us!

Bode+Ev, a one-woman powerhouse, has been hand-pouring high-quality, eco-friendly soy wax candles for over 25 yrs and custom-scenting organic bath + body products for a little over three. Not only do we bring our Bode+Ev created collections to our online + in store customers, we specialize in personalized experiences, allowing our clients to create their own signature scents and customize labels to reflect their business brand or to personalize your special occasion. Whether you're a candle lover looking for healthy, clean ambiance, a business seeking a unique custom collaboration, or an event planner looking for the perfect personalized gift ideas, Bode+Ev has you covered!

We offer: Wholesale pricing • Mobile + Private Candle Making Workshops • Custom Candle Collaborations • Personalized Labeling for Special Occasion Gifts + Promotional Items