Dead Sea Bath Salt: RELEASE

Dead Sea Bath Salt: RELEASE

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Discover the powerful healing and soothing abilities of Dead Sea Bath Salt. Its hydrating properties cleanse and disinfect while promoting youthful and nourished skin. Our carefully crafted blend, made with pure, unrefined sea salt, also contains a host of natural ingredients to leave your skin feeling soft and supple.  Scented with a refreshing Essential Oil Blend of Tangerine, Lavender, Sweet Orange, Lime, and Ylang Ylang, experience the wonders of Dead Sea Bath Salt today! 

Each 8oz bottle contains pure, unrefined, and unaltered Dead Sea Salt, sealed with a cork top accompanied by a wooden spoon for your convenience.

Dead Sea Salt - Contains the following minerals:

  • Sodium chloride (assists with lymphatic fluid balance)
  • Magnesium (combats stress by slowing the nervous system)
  • Potassium (energizes the body and balances skin moisture)
  • Calcium chloride (increases circulation and prevents water retention)
  • Bromides (eases muscle stiffness)

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