GEMINI: The Twins - May 21 to June 21
GEMINI: The Twins - May 21 to June 21


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GEMINI: The Twins - May 21 to June 21

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Gemini's are typically drawn to scents that match their dynamic and versatile nature and  that can also balance out their more moody side.  Our handmade soy wax candle was created using a scent blend to reflect just that. Starting with some Citrus to align with Gemini's lively and energetic personality, married with refreshing and invigorating Mint to appeal to their need for mental stimulation, and blended with a hint of warm and grounding Sandalwood to provide stability and balance Gemini's often fluctuation moods.  This incredibly unique combination is believed to complement the duality and curiosity that characterized Geminis, while providing both stimulation and balance. 

CHYRSOCOLLA (Green) is an excellent healing crystal for turning negative emotions into positive emotions. It promotes balance, harmony, meditation + communication and is also known for its calming energy, which makes it perfect for people who tend to exhibit nervousness and hyperactivity. As such, it is often known for speaking your truth. This stone encourages positive expression. 

How to use:  Chrysocolla’s calming energy helps best with easing stress, whether at home or in the workplace, Place the stone on your desk or on a table by your front door

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