LEO: The Lion - July 23 to August 22
LEO: The Lion - July 23 to August 22


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LEO: The Lion - July 23 to August 22

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Leos are known for their bold and vibrant personality and often enjoy scents that are as dynamic and luxurious as they are.  This soy wax candle scent blend was created with vibrant notes of energizing and refreshing orange, grapefruit and sage to align with their vibrant energy.  Bold notes of tonka, cedar and amber offering a sense of strength and grounding resonating Leo's regal demeanor with a hint of warm and spicy ginger to match their fiery nature. 

TIGER'S EYE is the traditional Leo stone. It combines earth energy + sun energy to support, balance, and help them better utilize their strong will.  It provides The Lion with CONFIDENCE + JOY + ABUNDANCE and it unblocks their creativity.  Tiger's eye connection to the earth, calms their feisty nature, grounding them to the earth while boosting their bravery + courage. This Leo gemstone is the embodiment of self-empowerment, helping Leos to trust themselves and glide through life with more ease and joy. 

How to use: Meditate with it whenever you need a boost of energy or in the process of starting or finishing a project.

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