Pi Beta Phi Collection

Our Pi Beta Phi collection was created by graphic designer Abby Jones who is a Junior and a part of Pi Beta Phi at the University of Kentucky where she currently serves as their Director of PR/MARKETING. Abby has always had a passion for design and has now been able to collaborate with many organizations to put her passion to work. One of those organizations being Pi Phi, where she is able to frequently showcase her skills and talents in design. Abby works hard to cohesively put together graphics, posts, and any PR that not only displays her talents but also emphasizes the core values of our chapter! Her technique and attention to detail is truly unmatched and she continuously helps us grow within our community on and offline. 

- Bergan Mardas VPME for the Kentucky, Beta chapter

At Bode+Ev, we're deeply grateful to be a part of Abby's journey by highlighting a selection of her creations on our soy wax candles for everyone to appreciate!