ARIES: The Ram - March 21 to April 19
ARIES: The Ram - March 21 to April 19


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ARIES: The Ram - March 21 to April 19

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COURAGEOUS + INDEPENDENT + ASSERTIVE Aries, the first sign in the zodiac, is a fun-loving fire sign that bursts onto the scene with the arrival of spring. As a sign associated with new beginnings, Aries brings a sense of excitement and a fresh perspective. Naturally energetic and open-minded, those born under this sign are constantly bursting with new ideas. Their determination and courage make them unstoppable, while their independence and assertiveness set them apart from the rest. Our fragrance captures the essence of Aries with a bold and vibrant blend, leaving a lasting impression. The notes of green florals, lilac, rose, jasmine, cedarwood, orange, clove, and patchouli come together in perfect harmony. With the added infusion of ylang ylang oil, this fragrance ignites the senses with its fiery and invigorating aroma.  

CRYSTAL: AVENTURINE is a gorgeous green stone is well known as a good luck stone and one that amplifies good energies. Is ideal for boosting self-confidence, charisma + good leadership, It also promotes mental clarity, something that Aries can find very helpful as their overabundance of energy can lead to distracted thoughts.

Aventurine is also known to bolster empathy, which Aries can greatly benefit from. 

    • How to use: Meditate with Aventurine to help improve focus and emotional wellbeing. You can also place this raw stone throughout your home or in a room that has become stagnant and is in need of new and uplifting presence.

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