CANCER: The Crab - June 22 - July 22
CANCER: The Crab - June 22 - July 22


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CANCER: The Crab - June 22 - July 22

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The Cancer zodiac sign embodies the warmth and nurturing spirit of summer. As a water element ruled by the moon, Cancerians have a very sensitive nature + deep emotional side and they are drawn to scents that highlight both.  We created a beautiful blend of light floral with notes of rose, carnation + ylang ylang to highlight Cancer's sensitive nature, with a soft wood featuring notes of amber, musk + sandalwood to capture their moodier and more intense sentiments side mixed with a light oceanic with notes of sea salt, marine + cotton blossom to keep it a light + sophisticated fragrance to keep their senses engaged.

CHRYSOPRASE*: is a green gemstone known for its soothing properties. For Cancerians, who are often sensitive, emotional and nurturing this crystal can offer several benefits; emotional balance, enhances communication, fosters inner strength and resilience and promotes positivity.

* Not the rock shown in picture

How to use: Use Chrysoprase in your meditation practice or wear as jewelry to invite positive + comforting energies

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