LIBRA: The Scales - September 23 - October 22
LIBRA: The Scales - September 23 - October 22


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LIBRA: The Scales - September 23 - October 22

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INTELLIGENT + IDEALISTIC + HIGHLY EMPATHIC Libras are revered for their easy charm, strong sense of justice and objectivity they thrive on fun, laughter + adventure. Libras are laid back and flexible, constantly seeking balance. When it comes to affection, they are charming, amorous, and compassionate. People of this sign admire balance and harmony in their fragrance accords making the scents that they fancy ones that artistic yet stable.

ROMANTIC + SWEET + LIGHT are the fragrances that Libras are most drawn too, so we created a scent that is just that and so much more.  Sensual, seductive, alluring blend of smoky black chrry, crème anglaise + sandalwood, with a smooth dry down of warming, sensual amber and Egyptian musk. The slightest hint of vanilla bean anchors the musk note to soften the impact with earthy notes of coriander, amyris mixed with amber. Deeply aromatic, this scent is combined with mandarin and lemongrass and amplified by notes of bergamot and ginger steeped in a base of white tea + jasmine. Uplifting and ethereal, this scent transforms any space into a soothing atmosphere.

    RAINBOW MOONSTONE is a gorgeous rock! The primary color is usually light gray. Closer inspection, however, reveals a distinctly blue or multi-colored sheen. Like Labradorite, Rainbow Moonstone has a unique finish that shines a spectrum of colors depending on how the light hits it. This trait is one of its most defining, making many believe that it holds the magic of rainbows inside! It is known as the stone of the goddesses, it carries feminine, sensual, and nurturing vibrations that help soothe certain emotions that may be holding you back. 

    • How to use: Moonstone lets you see your universe of infinite possibilities with a sense of empowerment and discovery. Your aspirations and dreams of life will become clearer, guiding you in setting bright intentions. 

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