BE.CANDLES: 12oz Soy Wax + Coconut Oil - Peppermint + Eucalyptus


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BE.CANDLES: 12oz Soy Wax + Coconut Oil - Peppermint + Eucalyptus

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Our Peppermint + Eucalyptus candle blends sweet peppermint with tingly, earthy eucalyptus for a refreshing spa-like scent. Top notes of peppermint + eucalyptus mid notes of cedar + clove anchored by Powder, Vanilla + Patchouli with hints of cedarwood add depth that make this a perfect year-round fragrance. 

It is a beautiful addition to any of our natural + organic bath and body products such as soap, body scrubs, or lotions. Create an instant spa atmosphere with both candles, body care products.

This fragrance oil is infused with natural essential oils, including eucalyptus oil, cornmint oil, cedarwood oil, and patchouli oil.


  • Natural Soy Wax + Coconut Oil blend with cotton wick
  • 12oz with 110+ hours of room filling, unforgettable, clean fragrance!
  • Hand-poured in small batches with lots of love
  • Free of phthalates, gluten, alcohol, dyes + irritants
  • Non-GMO, Cruelty free + Vegan
  • Scented with clean fragrance + essential oils that are strong + true to life + tested for exceptional performance for both candles and bath + body.

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