PISCES: The Fish - February 18 - March 20
PISCES: The Fish - February 18 - March 20


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PISCES: The Fish - February 18 - March 20

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COMPASSIONATE + ADAPTABLE + SENSITIVE Pisceans crave a harmonious balance, inside and out. They possess a limitless capacity for love, often placing the needs of others before their own. Independent + artistic, Pisces are highly perceptive of their surroundings, and possess the ability to adapt to any situation. With a strong sense of empathy, Pisces lend a listening ear and unconditional support to those in need. They bring a sense of peace and tranquility wherever they go, drawn to watery and floral scents that evoke a sense of mystery and intrigue. As a fellow Pisces, I have personally curated this seductive aroma of MYSTERY + INTRIGUE, blending soft florals with marine accents and earthy undertones. Infused with essential oils such as sweet orange, lemon, eucalyptus, and more, this fragrance embodies the compassionate and patient nature of Pisces.


CRYSTAL: AQUAMARINE is one of the primary birthstones for Pisces; it is also the traditional birthstone for March. It is a a very soothing stone with strong ties to water, Aquamarine is the perfect meditative stone for Pisces, as it tempers strong emotions and is known to help in discovering hidden aspects of reality. It is particularly helpful in balancing out the duality in Pisces’ personality, as it helps one gain a better understanding of one's reality. Aquamarine provides a calming, serene energy that balances Pisces emotional sensitivity as well as a powerful protective stone allowing Pisces, who often have trouble expressing their own feelings, to open up and share their personal truths with others, especially those who are close to them. 

How to use: During meditation, the aquamarine crystal can impart a feeling of calmness and serenity. Its soothing energy can also clear out emotional clutter and allow you to exist in the current world 

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