Benefits of Pouring in Small Batches

We’ve been hand pouring our candles for over 25+ years in small batches simply because small batch has several benefits, including:

  1. Better quality control: Pouring candles in small batches allows for better quality control because it allows us to pay more attention to each individual batch. This way, if there are any issues with the wax, wick, or fragrance, we can catch them early and fix them before pouring more candles.

  2. Produces more consistent results: Small batch pouring can also lead to more consistent results, as we can adjust our techniques and ingredients more easily with each small batch to achieve our desired outcome.

  3. More efficient use of resources: Pouring our candles in small batches helps us save in resources, such as wax, fragrance, and wicks. This is because scaling out the ratio of fragrance to wax for a smaller batch allows us to make small adjustments and test them out on a smaller scale, rather than making a large batch that might not turn out well.

  4. Easier to experiment with new blends: Small batch pouring also allows us to be more creative as we experimentation with our blends. We try out different combinations on a small scale, rather than committing to a large batch that might not be popular with our customers.

Overall, pouring candles in small batches can lead to better quality, more consistent results, more efficient use of resources, and more opportunities for experimentation + creativity.

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